Empowerment Calendar 2021 - Sales now on

Healed Scars is a new registered a charity which supports women who left a situation of domestic abuse in the UK and are ready to rebuild their lives. We offer a message of hope by sharing the stories of those of us who moved on from past abuse as inspiration and proof: from our experiences, we know that despite the turmoil and uprooting a new a happier and healthier life is achievable. 90% of our volunteers have experienced abuse and know what would have made it easier to get to a place of acceptance and self-reliance more quickly.

We are raising funds to provide these women free and fast access to certified and vetted counsellors, therapists and coaches. Their support is not related to the treatment of trauma. Instead, they focus on building resilience and increasing women’s chances of a better future, on strengthening them in the areas of self-love, self-confidence, self-forgiveness, mindfulness, mindset, assertiveness, communications, employability and dealing with change. We complement the services offered by other charities to this group of vulnerable women who have so much potential in them.

Our 2021 Empowerment wall calendar reflects our upbeat and ‘can do’ attitude on a topic where women are usually shown as powerless. A professional photographer shot colourful pictures of strong female survivors of domestic abuse. They will be distributed across the UK to alert women about our existence and service. These calendars are also used to support our 2020 fundraising campaign. We are full of empathy, listen and take our participants’ seriously: they get a bespoke programme tailored to their individual needs. We dream big and act respectfully towards the ladies who reach out for help.

The founder of Healed Scars is Ewelina Maria Chin. Her life took a dramatic turn during her second marriage, going from being a successful accountant and happy new mother to experiencing severe abuse. The global pandemic made her realise how important it is to break the silence and raise awareness about trauma and abuse. The numbers of victims of domestic abuse during Covid-19 were horrific and she couldn’t stay quiet. She also wanted to tackle this issue in a different way than existing charities: she wanted to bring hope, relief to female survivors, to build these ladies up.