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Lea’s Story

Healed Scars

I found out about Healed Scars on Eventbrite. I had no prior knowledge
of such a charity. I needed assistance to rebuild my life. I was going
through trauma flashbacks/revisitation during the pandemic period when
my self-esteem, took a deep dive. I was in a helpless state when I
noticed Healed Scars’ workshops on stress management, confidence
building, career reorientation and many more that could help me rebuild
my life.

The charity’s team was kind, understanding and thorough while liaising
with the participants. They were ensuring that participants were
committed by including a minimal fee, which was refundable once the
course was completed. They took the initiative to give detailed and
meaningful feedback to participants like me. I gained a better awareness
of myself and understanding of stress. I was able to have a perspective
shift that translated into a little glimpse of hope for Coach
Sheila’s programme thanks to her style, facilitating approach and
resources helped me boost my self-esteem. It was like a systematic
guidance, like a person holding your hand through a revisiting and
restoration in the topic session itself. I always looked forward to her
session. She was a role model of great influence all the sessions I had

There were clear ground rules and boundaries, to ensure that
participants were safe, and were given ample time to respond and rest if
needed. They are pacing you and your healing process, inch by inch, one
at a time. I felt safe and encouraged. One major thing that stands out
from the programme is the word re-evaluation. Over time, I’m able to
reflect and take charge of my current situation, life and chart ahead
where I am heading to with a timeline.
It was like a light, slowly sipping through my dark season. It helped me
brighten up my perspective towards life and deed. It was indeed life
altering for me if you’re willing to put efforts into it. I did, and I’m
loving it. The Healed Scars team members were very patient and
understanding, even in the payment process and the queries I had. I’m
grateful for them.

I would recommend others to benefit from what I experienced. I think,
like if one had tried a good food or would be natural to want to share
such goodness with others.
Don’t just trust my words, test it out yourself and make your own
judgement. I wanted to say that all of you are doing a meaningful and
powering and life altering task and reporting in rebuilding the lies, as
those who face trauma and out seasons in life. What a wonderful platform
and lovely people, that you have engaged in aiding us participants! Keep
doing what you’re doing, changing one person at a time.

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