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Loraine’s Story


I was referred to HSTAR Scotland by Lifelink in Glasgow. They wanted to
help me but their list was very long and they knew I might struggle to
accept the long waiting time. Within 2 days the HSTAR charity called me
and arranged an intake pre-screening call. It was a phone conversation
with a psychologist who already made me feel hopeful. Because I wanted
face to face therapy I had to wait longer, but still only few days, not
months. My counsellor is just amazing and very professional.

I have experienced ethnic based abuse and violence few years ago, I
thought that I am okay now, but the Covid rules and social restrictions
brought loads of triggers. I had a total breakdown, apathy, not willing
to open my eyes anymore, flashbacks and missing my family who is
thousands of miles away from me. I was not managing my crying and my
anger: I stopped going to work and finally I lost my job. I have been
blessed with getting to know HSTAR, their love, compassion and empathy.
Their willingness to help, to listen, to bring a solution melted my
heart and gave me hope as well.

I got counselling therapy for free, after two hours I already felt
better. Now I am getting back into shape, to the real me. I am able to
talk to people, I am not avoiding life and people. I am reborn mentally
and emotionally. I also joined online yoga and learned how to breathe
and relax my body and mind. All volunteers made me feel welcome and
worthy, yeah WORTHY!
Numbness, fear and lack of trust to anyone was my former feeling, but
after a few conversations with the HSTAR team already eased these
emotions and replaced them with hope, trust and willingness to heal from
the past. Therapy I can say – saved my life, I felt broken into pieces.
I learned a lot of coping skills as well, knowing how to deal with
emotions, pain and the past is vital to rebuild life and return to
health. 7 sessions were enough for me. I still can return for my last
one, but I pray it will not be needed.

I would like to say thank you, for being kind, patient, full of love,
commitment and willingness to help me. Since I met HSTAR I believe in
miracles again.

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